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Ayles Ice Shelf Calving

The BBC joined scientists Luke Copland and Derek Mueller for a special expedition to the Ayles Ice Island in May 2007.

BBC - “Mission  to Ice Island”

BBC - “Science Team Lands on Ice Island”

CBC reports on the collapse of the Ayles Ice Shelf featuring interviews with Dr. Luke Copland, Dr. Derek Mueller, and Dr. Warwick Vincent. - “Arctic ice shelf collapse poses risk: expert”

CBC TV - “Changing Arctic”

CBC TV- “Ice Shelf Collapse”

CBC Radio Quirks and Quarks- “Ailing Ayles Ice Shelf”

Further articles online - “And then there were five”

ESRI Online - “Mapping the Ayles Ice Shelf Break”

Alaska Science Forum - “Great northern ice shelves a shadow of former selves”

Ward Hunt Ice Shelf Break-up

New York Times - “Huge Ice Shelf is Reported to Break-up in Canada”

United Nations Environment Program Global Environmental Outlook 2003 - “Polar Sea Ice Extent”

NASA Earth Observatory - “Break-up of Ward Hunt Ice Shelf”

NASA - “Break-up of Ward Hunt Ice Shelf”

Nunatsiaq News - “Ellesmere Island’s Ice Shelf Broken into Pieces”

Science Daily - “Largest Arctic Ice Shelf Breaks-up Draining Freshwater Lake”

BBC - “Arctic Ice Shelf Splits”

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