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Final team shot in front of the glacier tongue left to right: Craig Stevens, Alexander Forrest, Martin Doble, Brett Grant, Tim Haskell, Timothy Stanton, Jim Stockel & Miles McPhee. Credit: C. Stevens.

Final team shot dressed for gala dinner at Scott Base. Credit: C. Stevens.

The potential site for next year’s work – the Drygalski Ice Tongue – some 160 km to the north of our present work and around a factor of 10 larger.  The swirling waters to the lower right are formed by the Terra Nova Bay polynya – the birth place of sea ice and cold salty ocean water.. Credit: C. Stevens.

Mount Erebus volcanic crater smoking during the departure flight. Credit: A. Forrest.

Martin Doble readies UBC-Gavia for deployment in the ice hole (temporarily free of seals). Credit: A. Forrest.

Recovering a stuck mooring - note ice hole is smaller than the snowmobile. Credit: C. Stevens.

Martin Doble negotiates with a seal for space to deploy UBC-Gavia through the hole. Credit: C. Stevens.